counseling from your couch

Teletherapy lets us meet from wherever you're most comfortable.  Using HIPPA-compliant software which ensures the confidentiality of your session, we can create a safe, therapeutic space regardless of your time or mobility constraints.

why teletherapy?

Teletherapy is the future of therapy, as it offers unprecedented flexibility, convenience, and comfort.

It's ideal for students who lack transportation or who split their time between more than one address.

It's ideal for expats who would like therapy in their native language while living abroad.

It's ideal for parents who might otherwise need to arrange childcare.

It's ideal for traditional in-office patients who might otherwise miss their session due to unforeseen events, like a snowstorm or alien landing.

It's ideal for those with mobility impairments who have difficulty with transportation to and from sessions.

It’s ideal for anyone who feels alone, and the thought of having to leave the house to confront the world feels overwhelming. We can all empathize with those feelings, no matter the individual cause, and teletherapy is one of the easiest choices we can make towards digging out of that hole.

how do i start?

Email or call (+1.413.214.4587) to set up a teletherapy appointment today.