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Searching for a therapist can be one of the most difficult parts of coping, healing, and self-empowerment, because it’s the first thing you must do.  You may not have anyone to assist you, and you may have to force yourself out of your comfort zone and out of whatever routine you’ve had before, to take the initiative and embark on a new path. 


When we’re at our best, stepping out of our comfort zones can be daunting.  When we’re feeling vulnerable, it can seem nearly impossible.  Yet here you are, taking that first step, looking towards the future and all the hope and promise and joy that lies just around the bend.  I would very much enjoy meeting with you in your search for a partner along that path, someone to help you cope with those steep uphills and muddy bogs, and to give you the room to breathe deeply when you reach those highest heights.

My therapeutic approaches focus strongly on identity and experience – who you are, how you feel, what traumas and life experiences have had formative impacts on your life.  You don’t always need to be aware of those experiences, this is something we can explore as we work together.  No two clients are alike, and we may find ourselves playing a game or taking a walk as often as we spend time in a traditional office setting.  My goal is to create an empathic environment where you feel safe and relaxed, and where we can use every tool available to brighten your present and empower your future.


I have a deep affinity for those affected by trauma, including sexual assault, combat, and bullying.  I also have extensive experience with gender and racial issues, childhood and teenage transitions, depression, addiction, chronic illness, and perinatal mood disorders, such as post-partum depression.  No matter what prompted you to take this first step, I’d like to be there for your second.

Jolene Phillips

Jolene Phillips



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